The Broken Land

Don’t know who did this…


So its done? Not really.

I have a complete map now, and a large number of potential encounters/interactions. But they are the results of a RNG… I need to still do a little massaging of things to try to make some coherent factions and places.

But let’s get the obvious out of the way… the MAP!

The way I see it (and please send comments if you see other possibilities!) is that there are four (maybe five) “big players”.
1) The Caste-Magi of the Tower in the NE.
2) The Refugees in the NE
3) The Steampunk Supremacists in the S
4) The Undead Invaders in the E
5) maybe the Tribal scavengers of the Rust Plains and Shatter.

One thing I’ve noticed is how… small.. this place is. I mean that the inhabitants of the Ship-town on the south cliffs can look north east and see the mountains – and on a clear day can see the top of the tower way to the north. To that end there needs to be some very good reasons for people not to want to be wandering around a lot – well, it is a dangerous places filled with the leftovers of a magical war which literally ripped apart a world.

Some of the inspiration for me in doing this was the fabulous Into the Wyrd and Wild. The rules bits for “camping/travelling” is wonderfully simple and .. flavourful(?).. and the hunt rules are great to add in as well. They can apply to pretty much any OSR-y ruleset I can think of. The book makes forests into a scary and dangerous place – a bit like Veins of the Earth but for forests.

The biggest danger is the residual magic… its contaminating everything and makes life difficult – animals have become monstrous, clean food/water is difficult to find, using magic can lead to unpredictable results, and a lot of the basics are off-kilter (time flows strangely, normal interactions sometimes go haywire)

I wasn’t too sure where to go from here (how to get more detail) and the lovely people on the OSR discord suggested that I start doing some encounter tables for the areas. So for each region I’ll give a little overview, perhaps point out the biggest dangers (10 monsters type thing), and then break down each region into specific d6 for locations/areas and give them a monster encounter table..

Maybe even some monster stats.

I think i’ll start in the same way I did the round trip already and create some tables for the Drained Sea

2 thoughts on “The Broken Land

  1. Monsters are a good place to start. So are dungeons. Another good one would be to think of the major forces in the map and what they are doing. This can be as complex as figuring out what they’ll do if the PCs never interfere, or it can be as simple as giving motivations to the settlements, major NPCs, and impending disasters.


    1. Since I’m still getting my head around this whole setting, I think i’ll stick with imagery more than anything… so I’ll probably take your advice and start with the Monsters. I seem to think best in visual images – finding images prompts my imagination…


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