The Fearless – Session 2

Swamp Dragon by Calvin Chua So we come back to our motley crew of.. three commoners who have wandered into a nasty swamp. Currently they have a rough camp at the base of the drop (a massive cliff) and nearby a freshwater swamp forest - the drained sea.===== Aedra is fuming at the death of … Continue reading The Fearless – Session 2

The Shatter – #tenmonstersetting

Expulsion - by Thomas Cole It has been hard trying to find imagery of what The Shatter would look like. Portals, broken land, broken everything. I think this painting by Mr Cole grabbed me - water, desert, sunshine, night. All at the same time. I think this would be a perfect view of the Shatter. … Continue reading The Shatter – #tenmonstersetting

The Fearless – Session 1

Peasants, by Lorenzo Mastroianni With the random generation going along swimmingly, I decided that it was time to get some actual exploration of this setting "on the ground" as it were. =====Our four unlucky contestants wereBysen: a tough, callous woodsman Aedra: a strong, yet forgiving miner.Syn: the pot-bellied, simple-minded Butcher.Elene: the cautious washer-woman with hidden … Continue reading The Fearless – Session 1