Vastlands Campaign

This started as a request for a “traditional D&D” game, and we finished when we felt the characters had evolved enough. Here are our rules, tools, and episodes.
We were set in Dolmenwood (a setting by Gavin Norman) which has a very “Dark Fairytale” vibe going on. I love the Wormskin magazines and the creepy things and places he’s detailed in the pages!

Village – by Klaus Pillon


Tools (for players)
* Jamboard
* Pinterest Board

Character Info
* Alette
* Estmund
* Prudence Spellbook
* Solvang Spellbook
* Followers

House Rules
* Quintessential B/X (The core rules we’re using)
* Magic
* Herbalism
* Experience
* Rest, Rations & Exhaustion

Old School Essentials
* System Reference
* Essential rules PDF (free)

Classes Available
Get a follower to gain new class options
* OSE: Fighter, Magic-User, Thief
* Dolmenwood: Knight, Hunter, Grimalkin, Goat-man
* B/X Options: Sorcerer (divine magic user)
* Wild West B/X: Gunslinger

Prequel: Mistmill Fight Club
1: Winter’s Daughter pt1
2: Winter’s daughter pt2
3: Welcome to Dolmenwood
4: Goats and Booze
5: Lost Kids and Dead Knights
6: The Abbey of St. Clewyd
7: The Vulgar Road
8: Nag-Wood Passage
9: The Undying Tyrant
10: Refuge in Darkness
11: The Fairy Roads
12: The King is dead, long live the King.
13: Cathedral Rescue
14: Into the Gardens
15: Gallery of Masks
16: The Gardener of Vines