Ravenholme – The adventures of Andrew and Lothar.

Ostrich-machine? So life's been a little busy, and I've fallen behind on writing up sessions. Two for the freebooters Sunday Sessions, and three to be written up for the OSE sessions in Helsinki (which I promise to get around to). I've been really enjoying running these Sunday Sessions. A couple of people have had to … Continue reading Ravenholme – The adventures of Andrew and Lothar.

Ravenholme – Reptilian Agreements

Captain Ryan and his ill-gotten booty!by Ala Kapustka This was a fun session! I've been trying to be a little... more aggressive... in scene setting and pushing the events a little faster. But we still had a fun time playing out an unintentional beach-holiday. And double crossing a crook! Cyrus's player couldn't join us this … Continue reading Ravenholme – Reptilian Agreements