Castaldo – Mab’s Request

Closing onto Christmas we held this early session. I felt worried at times putting forward some consequences that removed agency a little too much, but the players expressed their joy at the consequences and found them to be interesting twists! ===Session4===PlayersAutumnNihalLilith The trio are being “escorted” by the goblins through the fairy lands. Rolling hills, … Continue reading Castaldo – Mab’s Request

Castaldo – Neverland

Christmas is approaching, but the plague is still with us, so the game continues! This time I managed to get my hands on the wonderful "Neverland". Its statted out for D&D 5e, but the majority of the game is rather system-agnostic. It is also a breeze to run (especially if you've read/watched/listened to the source … Continue reading Castaldo – Neverland