Harrow Hall Campaign

This started as a request for a “Horror D&D” game. One of the players was already involved in a “Ravenloft” game, so we wanted something else that really dove into the gothic horror feel. After spending too much time trying to curate a list of appropriate classes, we found the “Worlds Without Number” rule set and “Silent Legions” (both from Kevin Crawford) which provided a flexible system to make all manner of characters that would suit the setting.
Inspirations include; Dracula, Penny Dreadful, Sleepy Hollow, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell, Dark City.

Rock Fortress by Baloontree


Tools (for players)
* Jamboard
* Pinterest Board

Character Info
* Google Sheets Character Sheets

House Rules
* Limited Classes: Warrior, Expert, Adventurer.
* Magic system from “Silent Legions”

* Worlds Without Number (free edition)
* Silent Legions (for the magic & horror rules)

Prequel: Welcome to Endon
1: The Missing Tourists
2: The Funeral
3: The Hound
4: The Holiday Trip