CBR+PNK ep3 – The Heist

Yes, we came to the end of our "limited series", and while it was fun, some things just didn't match our favored playstyle. Cat Concept - Per Haagensen In Game PCs: A-K (Intrusion Specialist), Dr. Morellius (Uplifted Scientist) NPC: Jack (Undercover Investigator) Doctor Morellius and A-K prepared themselves. Medical uniforms underneath overcoats to get them … Continue reading CBR+PNK ep3 – The Heist

CBR+PNK ep2 – Eden Clinic

We're back. This time the team wanted to confirm that the Eden Clinic was indeed the right target before they committed to breaking in. parc-15 lobby by David Hu architects In Game PCs: A-K (Intrusion Specialist), Jack (Undercover Investigator)NPC: Dr. Morellius (Uplifted Scientist) From the prior work of Dr Morellius, the team knew the location … Continue reading CBR+PNK ep2 – Eden Clinic