Vastlands ep.11 – The Fairy Roads

This session was actually shorter than most, unexpected work and travel caused people to come late, but it felt very dense afterwards - a lot happened! We finished with Gus's great module, and explored another bit of strangeness in Dolmenwood: The Fairy Roads! Passage - art installation by Cornelia Konrads In Game PCs present: Alette … Continue reading Vastlands ep.11 – The Fairy Roads

Vastlands Houserules – Herbalism & Potions

I've referred to these rules a few times already. Our resident Witch character wanted to make something of her background as a herbalist and apprentice witch. All the wonderful stories of a witches-brew and the secret knowledge of plants is a potent idea! So I looked around for something to make a fun mini-game for … Continue reading Vastlands Houserules – Herbalism & Potions