Vastlands ep.2- Winter’s Daughter pt2

The Cold Prince and Princess Snowfall-at-Dusk This was a fun session again! The players were really getting into character, and getting into the spirit of dealing with the strange situations they found themselves in. After the sudden attack of the "holy items" in last session, they were especially careful to avoid any kind of armed … Continue reading Vastlands ep.2- Winter’s Daughter pt2

Vastlands ep.1- Winter’s Daughter pt1

Sir Chyde (yes, this guy screams "ghostly knight") Winter's Daughter is an adventure I've wanted to run for a long time as it hits so many of the key points that I love having in my games: whimsy, horror, puzzles, otherlands - A classic fairytale. The book is so well formatted and laid out as … Continue reading Vastlands ep.1- Winter’s Daughter pt1