New Year, New Table?

So.. A new year is upon us. Would be the perfect time to play some Cyberpunk 2020 perhaps? Anyway, my current table group is breaking up. One person is moving out of the country to go home, while another is moving to another city for a new job. So.... Luckily, got a neighbour interested in … Continue reading New Year, New Table?

Season Greetings!

by connorburkeart Its that time of the year again, when the spirit of the season runs rampart and slays all manner of social activities (except dealing with in-laws and those songs invented by cthulu) So my games are on hiatus until late January (shed a tear) which is giving me some time to play around … Continue reading Season Greetings!

The Lost – episode 2 – Into the Tower.

Last of the Kings by Vladamir ManyukhinNot the right layout for the session, but scale is good(ish) This was ... not a great session. While running it we quickly came across some curious mechanical issues. Namely, that "Forbidden Lands" doesn't really discuss how to handle dungeon exploration... At least not to the same extent that … Continue reading The Lost – episode 2 – Into the Tower.