The Lost – episode 2 – Into the Tower.

Last of the Kings by Vladamir ManyukhinNot the right layout for the session, but scale is good(ish) This was ... not a great session. While running it we quickly came across some curious mechanical issues. Namely, that "Forbidden Lands" doesn't really discuss how to handle dungeon exploration... At least not to the same extent that … Continue reading The Lost – episode 2 – Into the Tower.

To-Holon – a multiverse?

The Nine Realms by Haemi Jang We got together for our regular friday, and tabletalk grew to take over the session. We scribbled a little from Microscope, read the rules of Dawn of Worlds, talked mythology, and made a setting! There are a lot of stories that deal with multiple worlds - from Hindu cosmology, … Continue reading To-Holon – a multiverse?