Vastlands ep.15 – The Gallery of Masks

I had thought that this would be the players last session in the Gardens, but the repercussions of their interaction with the shadow theater came home in a big way. Fun, tense session. sorry, couldn't find who did this..... In Game PCs present: Alette (Hunter 3), Estmund (Dolmenwood Knight 3), Prudence (Sorcerer 3), Solvang (Magic-User … Continue reading Vastlands ep.15 – The Gallery of Masks

Vastlands Houserules – Survive the Night

This post has been much researched, discussed, discarded, and rewritten. It all comes down to "what am I trying to represent"... Finally I think we've got something that my players like. Oregon Family Trail, by Morgan Weistling Old School Essentials is really light on rules for "survival" or hardship while travelling. It amounts to the … Continue reading Vastlands Houserules – Survive the Night