Inspirational OSR Posts.

Light the Beacons! Spread the word!Mountain Beacon by J-Humphries The other night a bunch of us were chatting on the OSR Discord and an interesting question came up."What are the most inspirational OSR Blogposts for you?"A lot of replies were forthcoming, and I felt that I needed to keep track of at least the most … Continue reading Inspirational OSR Posts.

The Lost – episode 1 – To the Gatehouse

by Cosimo Galluzzi The initial goal for our group: get the hell away from a war-zone. All the party knows a rumour of a magical place about a day's trip north in the hills, a place locals call "The Gatehouse". I sat them down and let them loose. Our three characters were given an "introduction … Continue reading The Lost – episode 1 – To the Gatehouse