The Lost – a Forbidden Lands session 0.

Forbidden Lands by Fria Ligan.
I gotta say, my players and I were sold on the game by the dino-riding robo-guy

After the sudden death of our last characters, my players wanted to try something a little different. They enjoyed the setting, but found the system of Freebooters on the Frontier v2 to be a little too incomplete – which, to be fair, is true since it’s still in playtesting. So this time we wanted to give Forbidden Lands a spin.

I like to give players a lot of leeway on their own characters – and we discussed what kind of game we wanted to play. The back and forth resulted in a refugee idea. They enjoyed the last setting (science-fantasy/post apoc) and wanted to continue with it. So for our first outing we decided to do a “running away from war” scenario. The “meta-goal(?)” being that the group would run away from the enemy army, find a portal, and end up in the Broken Lands.

The character creation is a little overwhelming tbh – but thankfully there is a nice little pdf that comes with the game which has “random background generation”. We all enjoyed that last time, so we tried again. What resulted was actually rather cool (although we had to swap a couple of talents, and do a little shopping for gear) We decided that there would be no “Races/Kin”, just using the existing talents from the rules and re-skinning them as cultural attributes. I also asked for some pictures that we’d use as inspiration for the characters. What we got was: (showing the random generation using d66 and d6)

Atli – a grumpy old smuggler.
Kin(63) Dwarf (talent is Stubborn – can spend willpower to try, try again.)
Childhood(3) Scout’s Apprentice (this gives stats and base skills)
Profession(45) Peddler
Profession Talent (4) Path of Many Things (pull useful stuff out of pack)
Events (5) Smuggler (gives 2 skill points and talent: Sixth Sense)
now we have a “finished” young character, but Atli’s player decided to age him. So he looses a stat point, but gains another event. This can be done 2x (adult, elderly)
Event (6) Ran a shop (-1 stat, 2 more skills, and talent:Sharp Tongue)
Event (3) Cheated (-1 stat, 2 more skills, and talent: Incorruptible)
– So this is an old guy who is always prepared for things to go wrong, ready with just the right bit of kit, and a biting word to tell you how stupid you are. Also dont try to get him to change his mind, cause he doesn’t trust a thing you say. He’s part of the local “Guildsmen” who have built a whole set of traditions and regulations around crafting/excellence.

Old Apothecary by Roman Cherepov

Thora – a tough as nails mercenary sergeant.
Kin(55) Orc (talent is “unbreakable”, willpower to get up when broken)
Childhood (5) Warrior (stat & skills)
Profession (21) Fighter
Profession Talent (2) Path of the Blade (WP to bypass armor)
Event (2) Bloody Battle (+2 skillpoint, talent Sword Fighter)
Event (6) Commander (-1 stat, +2 skillpoints, talent Cold Blooded)
– So she is a real dynamite gal. Thanks to her events she starts with a weapon and good armor. She has had a little practice with dealing with people, but can become a damn tank, and doesn’t hesitate to kill when required. The player decided to reskin orcs as “legion-born”. People born and bred to fight in an army – taller, stronger, bigger. Like the Condottieri, but with farmers, craftsmen, magicians all devoted to the military.

Steel by Rashed AlAkroka

Elin – a young wannabe assassin.
Kin (26) Aslene Human (talent is “adaptable” which lets you swap skills )
Childhood (5) Hunter (Stat and skills)
Profession (61) Rogue
Profession Talent (3) Path of Poison (WP gets you a dose of lethal poison)
Event (5) Enlisted (+2 skills, talent Pathfinder)
– Since she’s younger, she has better stats, but a lot less skills and talents than the other characters. Elin comes off as an assassin-in-training. The player decided that the culture was “Clansfolk” – survivalist/preppers who always make do with very little, and take the “adapt or die” motto to heart.

Senua by Salaiix

The game then instructs you to randomly determine how the characters met. (61: Hired Guards) which led them to make their home town a Legion-Camp. Elin was recruited by the Legion to act as a local guide for Thora’s company, while Atli was the part of a “government contract” who was there to organise supplies and equipment.

I’m actually excited to try out this system. Even at the “session 0” stage these characters are inspiring and I want to get down to action!

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