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The other night a bunch of us were chatting on the OSR Discord and an interesting question came up.
“What are the most inspirational OSR Blogposts for you?”
A lot of replies were forthcoming, and I felt that I needed to keep track of at least the most discussed. To wit:

Against the Wicked City: OSR aesthetics of ruin
Joe talks about why Ruins are so prevalent in a lot of OSR modules & settings, and why this is a good thing for players. This post influenced me a lot!

Was it Likely?: The Blade is Binding
A really nice rambling about the difference of magic and cold iron… Which simultaneously makes magic much much more interesting than “blast energy” and gives more ompf to those guys swinging bits of metal.

Against the Wicked City: What are RPG books for anyway?
This introduces a great phrase: Conceptual Density. How many ideas are packed into a bit of text – how the best RPG supplements are ones which gives you a LOT of new ideas that your couldn’t have come up with yourself.

WizardThiefFighter: Anti-Canon
-edit- a really nice post on “Canon”, and how it can stifle play, and some examples of how to avoid it.

Last Gasp Grimoire: In Cörpathium
The Random City generator…

The Dice Blade: Total Improv Sandbox
A awesome little set of mechanics for generating a sandbox as you play.

Meandering Bander: Overload your Encounter Dice
How to make all results of that d6 encounter roll meaningful.

Goblin Punch: “Ruling not Rules” is insufficient
This points out (and gives examples) of what type of challenges/rolls are needed in a game to make them feel more “osr”.

Bastionland: How I run Into the Odd
Advice that is widely applicable on running brisk/impactful sessions.

Bastionland: A Procedure for Play
A nice little set of instructions for “when to actually roll/save”, and what you can offer instead of a roll.

False Machine: Held Kinetic Energy
Tips and examples to making epic action-packed battle scenes

False Machine: Natural Language
Useful tips to help you explain/describe stuff for your players.

Hack & Slash: On Set Design
More for module writers: a really neat way of laying out information

Jeff’s Gameblog: 20 quick questions for your campaign setting
A.K.A how to make damn sure you have the stuff useful for your players ready.

Campaign Wiki: Links to Wisdom
A huge collection of blog posts, articles, and assorted resources for your game!

Questing Beast: Recommended Reading
A bigger and better version of this post 🙂 A list of links that influenced Ben and he reckons you should read too! Maybe I should have led with this?

Hmm… Here I am looking at my overstuff pile of random bookmarks that I keep culling. Maybe I should organise them somehow…

2 thoughts on “Inspirational OSR Posts.

    1. Heh. I just followed links that the hive-mind though inspirational. I loved all of these when I read them and felt they needed to be more permanently exposed 🙂
      Welcome to the thin-air? 🙂


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