The Drained Sea – #tenmonstersetting

Blue by Miro Johannes

So it’s time to take a closer look at the drained sea. A lovely idea was suggested (again by the OSR discord) which was the #10monstersetting. Which I think is just perfect for giving a particular area a good theme/feel. I might not do this exactly (as I’m going to be choosing from a variety of books, and making stuff up)

The Drained Sea looks like a classic swampland – but has the added disadvantage of being polluted by magical residue. This makes searching for clean food or water troublesome. Foraging rolls are at disadvantage unless you are willing to risk magical toxicity. There is also the everpresent threat of insect borne disease and your run of the mill parasites in the water. Travelling is also practically impossible without boats or rafts, and even then it is hard going through the tangled flora.

Then you have the monsters to worry about.
Generally any animal you would normally find in wetlands exist. But they are changed – perhaps a roll on the 1d500 biological mutation table might be in order? But while those creatures are everywhere, they are not necessarily dangerous. The things you really need to worry about are the following:

All images are from pinterest searches… I’ve tried to link owners where I could find them)

1 Humanoid. Ravagers (from Into the Wyrd and Wild)
These are the people (goblins, elves, whatever) that have answered the call of the Wilds. Their minds and bodies have been changed, shaped by the primal power lurking amidst the greenery. They are humanoids remade into savage predators. A mass of horns, claws, spines, cunning, and hate.
This is what you become if you stay exposed out here for too long.

by Jason Felix

2 Undead. Mycelium Zombiet ( Into the Wyrd & Wild)
A common fungus that has become magically enhanced and can infect nearly any humanoid. Inhabitants of the Drained Sea have learned to give the blackened filaments a very wide berth. These are humanoids infected with fungus – They can breath out fungal spores, and sometimes explode upon “death”.

by Thomas Wievegg 

3 Fey. Dryads (Dryadi – Into the Wyrd & Wild)
Trees that have been cursed with the burdens of sapience and mobility. They can live for a very long time, and have no care for the concerns of humans or other meat-folk. While not inherently aggressive, they are incredibly hostile to anyone they consider a danger to them.

4 Giant. Treant (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
Are these giant Dryads, or something different? It is unlikely that any human will find out. Treants generally reside in the centre of a Dryad community, but are sometimes encountered wandering alone. If you hear their steps it is advised to run away, because if you catch a glimpse of one towering above the trees it is all over. They fear nothing in nature.

by Kekai Kotai

5 Reptile: Swamp Dragonkin (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters: Crocodiles)
While they look clumsy on land, you will only see them in the moment of attack while they are in water. Normally appear slow and lazy, but will try to eat anything living while hungry… and sometimes whatever is moving.
They keep getting bigger so long as food is available

Swamp Dragon by Calvin Chua

6 Arial: Robber Fly (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
While the swamp teems with insects, most small enough to swat. These are big enough to bite off any hand trying to swat them. They often patiently wait in hiding for potential prey to come near. If you are unlucky, there will be a dozen all fighting over the same prey.

7 Lurker: Dire Horsehair Worm (Into the Wyrd and Wild)
These parasitic horrors will ambush and burrow into anyone near the water it is swimming in. Most times its victims are killed by their companions rather than let them suffer the torture of the young hatching the following summer.

by Charles Avery

8 Dimensional: Salamanders (from Hot Springs island)
For those that know, there is a portal in F3 – that leads to the volcano in Hot Springs Island
Salamanders are slightly larger than average human size, with an equally long tail. They are some of the fleshy inhabitants from a dimension of fire… This lot are under orders to explore this land for possibilities to exploit, but they REALLY HATE being in an area full of water…

9 Mythological Sea-Serpent: (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters: Sea-Dragons)
These were around before the breaking. They have somewhat adapted to the shallower water, but are uncomfortable, irritable, and annoyed in general. Their breath can strip flesh from bone, they are blindingly fast in the water, and some are even able to bend reality with their own magics. Also, never underestimate their cunning.

by Rasmus Poulsen

10 Underworld: Giant Centipede (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
I admit, couldn’t think of anything else to fit
These creatures love dark, damp conditions – and are constantly hunting for the next meal.


Coming up next, lets populate the Rust Plains.

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