In the Shadow of the Spire.

Beer time by Ismail Inceoglu

This entire region is dominated by the Spire. Not only does it literally tower over everything here, but all thoughts are directed towards it – either how to get in, how to stay in, or how to destroy it. The great tower is a city in and of itself. I loved the results I was getting in this region, and I think it might be one of my favourites now!

Yes, I’ve been inspired by the RPG of the same name, as well as the Eld from The Misty Isles of the Eld

Hex Map
  • B2
    • major – Natural Phenomenon
      • Plants, Hazardous, Dry, Bigger Inside
      • ??? I take this to mean they suck out moisture.. Vampiric thorns? Bigger inside?
    • minor – dimensional gate
    • minor – Ruin (The gatehouse? its broken and let stuff (vines) through?) (ooh, an entrance to the Gardens of Ynn)
    • minor – Settlement
      • Defensive site
        Technocratic (but T1)
        Tags: Recent Settlement, Religious Zealots
      • This sounds like an outpost – from a more advanced place, but no infrastructure to make stuff here yet.
  • B3
    • Atlas Corrupted Prison
      • The ancient prison that is now filled with degenerates and holds a horror sealed deep inside.. Stonehell?
    • major – settlement (900)
      • Ruled by syndicates of Magi. (chaotic)
        trade in slaves
        Tags: Aliens, Warbests
      • A bunch of slavers – perhaps raiding the prison?
    • minor – wandering monsters (escaped prisoners?)
  • C1
    • major – Natural Phenomenon
      • Plants, Sense of Awe, Cold, Portal…
      • Hey, another portal to the cold place….
    • minor – settlement
      • small community (400) Caste-based
        recent settlement, T1
        Tags: Trade Hub, Supremacists
      • center of trade between the spire and whatever is through the portal? Or even the slavers up north?
  • C2
    • Atlas Spire City
      • Caste Based
        Core: Industrial Facility Core
        Tags: Functioning Industry / magic cultists
      • This is basically sci-fi via magic. I get the feeling they literally dont care about the outside world, except for novelty
    • major – settlement (1400)
      • Ruled by Scholars in a confederacy
      • hmm… rebels?
    • minor – construction site (infrastructure) new town
    • minor – bridge, tolled
    • minor – special hazard, poison (waste from the spire?)
  • C3
    • nada
  • C4
    • Atlas Cruel Temple Warriors
      • flavour
        dedicated to an Angel,
        focused on an Ancient Text
    • major – ruined tower
      • Ruin – sacked (by the cultists?)
        Interest – a relic
        Dragon majordomo w/Animal & Humanoid minions
  • D3
    • major – settlement
      • Village of 1400
        Ruled by Magi as an oligarchy
        Trade in Arms and Livestock
      • Hunters and collectors? Raiding the forest?

I love this area now. I thought it would be all about the city, and it sort of is. But there are still some awesome places to visit – a trans-dimensional trading post; a slave-hunting/prison-breaking settlement; a forest safari holiday; A thorn-forest that is bigger on the inside; and finally the killer mountain monks!

And rising above it all the central spire – a magical Arcology full of wonders and terrors.

The start of a forest safari (Andrew Averkin)
A successful hunt. (Moebius)

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