Castaldo – The Mermaids

PlayersAutumnLilithNihal ====Session 6====The trio of women were left on the garden-hill feeling lost and confused. Aunt Mayda was starting to cry in hunger and no one was sure of what to do next (about there situation, or the baby)Autumn remembered the spell books they gathered from The Other Garden, and found one that seemed appropriate. … Continue reading Castaldo – The Mermaids

Castaldo – Escape!

"Hunt" by Anastasiia Platoshyna Right. These last weeks have been.... interesting. Not a while lot of motivation to write up this session. But in the end translating my scribbled notes into this was a nice experience. I am really enjoying this game. ====Session 5====PlayersNihalLilith Lilith crept up to the gently snoring Hook. She lifted the … Continue reading Castaldo – Escape!

Castaldo – Mab’s Request

Closing onto Christmas we held this early session. I felt worried at times putting forward some consequences that removed agency a little too much, but the players expressed their joy at the consequences and found them to be interesting twists! ===Session4===PlayersAutumnNihalLilith The trio are being “escorted” by the goblins through the fairy lands. Rolling hills, … Continue reading Castaldo – Mab’s Request