New Year, New Table?

So.. A new year is upon us. Would be the perfect time to play some Cyberpunk 2020 perhaps?

Anyway, my current table group is breaking up. One person is moving out of the country to go home, while another is moving to another city for a new job. So….

Luckily, got a neighbour interested in trying some of this RP stuff out, and possibly a few other parents who might drop in from time to time. To that end I decided to try out a simpler game (World of Dungeons) with minor modifications, and make a setting.

I do enjoy making maps. It can be a fun way to pass some quiet time while Bubs is asleep. A while ago I tried an indepth method to make the Broken Lands. While it was a fun experiment, it does take up time. This time I decided to do something quick from a post I saw a while back: Distant Lands and the Creation Thereof. I am quite happy to say that it worked wonderfully. I assumed that the hexes created were “atlas hexes” of around 30 miles across. I wanted to fill out a 10×10 map – plenty of space to wander around and get lost. With a handful of dice rolls (and about 10 mins to write it all down) I got the following.

1 – Plains/Plains: 19 hexes
Ancient Ruins
Resource extraction from another region
Invasion by nearby Region/ Growth – new settlements and cities.
Neigbours – 3 (2,3,4)

2 – Wet/dry: 15 hexes
Scattered Villages
Terrain Changing Rapidly (Dry/Forest)
Neighbours – 2 (5,6)

3- Dry/Weird: 10 hexes
Spirit Saturated
Warlord and Subjugated People
Widespread Unrest / Looming Threat
Neighbours – 4(4,1,2,5)

4- Dry/Mountain: 10 hexes
Ancient Ruins
Extraplanar Incursion
Resource Rush
Neighbours – 2 (1,3)

5 – Wet/Mountains: 12 hexes
Scattered Villages
New Interplanar conjunction
Neighbours – 3(2,3,7)

6 – Forest/Forest: 8 Hexes
Ancient Ruins / Lake
Explorers/ Scattered Villages (in regional crisis together)
Surge of Monster Activity
Neighbours –

7 – Plains/Forest: 8 Hexes
Highly Magical
Major City w/ outlying farms
Conversion to a new Belief system spreading

Once I stuck it into HexKit (and filled in a few blank hexes) I got the following 🙂

300×300 miles. Around the size of france… or the entire map of “The Witcher: Wild Hunt”

I dont intend to go down to the nitty gritty of 6 mile hexes yet. But We have a nice bit capital city w/ magic that would serve as a neat home base, so i’m ready to crack open a drink and sit down with my neighbour and roll some dice 🙂

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