Season Greetings!

by connorburkeart

Its that time of the year again, when the spirit of the season runs rampart and slays all manner of social activities (except dealing with in-laws and those songs invented by cthulu)

So my games are on hiatus until late January (shed a tear) which is giving me some time to play around with my houserules (tentatively named “Crossworlds”) which at this point are something like World of Dungeons + some custom moves… or Freebooters 2e without most of the character moves. (I’ll get around to making a write up if I get any time)

I’ve also managed to do a little more reading, and actually started to get into comics (or at least “Saga”, which is pretty awesome). To be honest, this year has been pretty fair for books.

I’ll probably try to get a discord game going at some time during the next few months – probably Freebooters or WoDu (or my own cross if people are feeling adventurous)…’´

Until next time – may all your rolls be crits!

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