The Fearless – session 4

Introducing List – art by Jin Woo Park

OK, I need to get this down – I’ve been procrastinating about writing this play-report for a while now. We had a third player join us, and he randomly made a character which happened to be a mage-apprentice with a spell!

Dawn and Syn come to meet Sabek, and see him discussing excitedly with a little old man – a theotechnician. “Your green friends were more useful than intended, they found a very interesting piece that I’d like sourced.” He holds up a length of engraved cable.
List (know something + occupation: 12) gets very excited “It still holds heavy residual metadimensional energy, and the connectors have only been documented as part of pre-collapse war machines!”
“Whats that in common?” Dawn asked.
Sabek grins “It is a part of a God Warrior which still might be active.” The silence lasted for too long. “There is a big Before-time war machine out there that you’re green skinned friends found. I want you to bring List to examine it in more detail. And i’m sending you because I dont want my interest to be known or the man upstairs will send his goons to claim it first.”
Dawn summarises: “Source the cable, bring four-eyes to look it over, keep it quiet. Got it”.

Something I noticed here about the Freebooters system. When you roll a stat -you either get a decent result, or you “mark” a stat and get a poor result. Basically you improve with enough trials and tribulations. To that end I noticed the players were… eager… to do risky stuff or even to try to make things more risky.

Outside the three confer – how to get this done? Dawn takes the lead by proposing they track down the green-skin nomads they encountered earlier. Syn thinks she remembers where they were (get lucky: 4) But when they get to the right area, the red-tents are gone. They try to search the area (Dawn, Stay sharp+help: 4) but the locals keep jostling them, and snide comments are heard about “slumming lords”. A dog-headed local growls at them, accusing the “golden children” of coming to gloat. An angry mob starts to form.
The girls confront the dog-head rabble rouser, and after some negotiation they manage to calm the dog-head (new hireling: Korag the tracker) who agrees to lead them to the green-skins in exchange for a share of “whatever you are getting rewarded from the bigwigs”

At this point I rolled up a hireling with the Freebooters rules – fast and interesting! I also pointed out that a hireling is basically a “in case of death” character. All the players wanted their own sidekicks now! Que the hiring fair

Korag tells them that the Green-skins were headed to(roll random location) Shining Finger about a week’s travel across the rust plains. List (know something+occupation: 10) gets excited again “Thats a BeforeTime observatory! There will be so much to research and uncover there! Umm, why are nomads headed there?”
“Who do you think gets all your toys?”

The trio discuss their options, and after hearing about Syn’s escapades in the Drained Sea, decide that number and better equipment are in order. They search the Ship-Hold for willing partners in crime (and recruit a Disgraced Drunken nobleman who can swing a sword – Sir Conrad, and a pack mule who is an ex-slave lizardman – Sora the Scaled) They also spend all their saved coin on survival gear and rations.
They talk to Korag about the journey – there are two main paths, to follow the road east to a fortress-monastery, and then head south around the hills. This is faster, but there are known bandits who prey on travellers. The other path goes straight south to The Edge, then goes east until reaching the great lake. This is a slower path and crosses the violent-machine territories, but it is more fertile land with good forage.
They decide to play it safer and head south.

The following session (5) is where it all went pear-shaped.

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