The Highlands – #tenmonstersetting

yes… skyrim šŸ™‚

So instead of trying to deal with the “Central Massif” area, I’ve divided up the regions according to landscape – the Highlands (in Central Massif and shadow of the spire), The Forest, and the shadowlands. First on the docket is the Highlands – the mountain range that cuts across the entire Broken Lands, and is broken by the forest (somehow?)

There are three main highpoints – the Cage Spires in the north, The Heartstones in the center, and the Shining Peaks overlooking the Rust Plains in the south. All shared a relatively similar fate – they were relatively unharmed by the cataclysm (other than loosing sunshine, and the general magical radiance.) Animals have grown more dangerous, food is more violently fought over. But otherwise it could be considered quite nice.

This started to get a very “scandinavian mountains” type of feel as I went along.

1.humanoid Bear-folk(as bear? – OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
Magic can have unpredictable effects. Some bears grew larger, but also smarter. They don’t look particularly different, besides a propensity to walk on two legs, and better developed front paws. But they are quite capable of talking, using tools, and crafting clothing to keep warm. Will often be willing to trade rare herbs and furs for metalwork.
Use bear stats, but able to use weapons and tools.

by Mirko Failoni

2.undead. Restless Dead (Skeleton, OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
Like in the rest of the Broken Lands, the ambient magical energy plays havok with people. The dead are normally buried, or their bodies eaten by the animals in the Highlands, but those few forgotten dead who remain untouched long enough rise as near-mindless husks. Even as the flesh rots away to nearly nothing the skeleton is still animated by the mystic energies.


3.fey race. Hidden Folk (as Gnome – OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
If you spend enough time in the mountains you might chance to see one of these folk flitting between boulders. You might mistake it for a dwarf, or maybe even a goblin in the wrong light. These are creatures of secrets and stone. They will run from confrontation – often appearing to pass into solid cliff walls – and will often disappear if startled. But deep underground in their cities they take joy in the secrets of their craft (which can be extracted from them with sufficient threat…)

4.giant/ogre/troll race. Stone Giant (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
Some consider these to be related to earth elementals, but they seem to have lost much of the chaotic energy that once animated them. Now they dwell peacefully in the mountains, often forging friendships with the Bear-folk. They show little interest in the goings on of outsiders, but if angered are truly a force of nature…

by Biagio D’Alessandro

5.great wyrm or lizard. Wyvern (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
Possibly related to the dragons of the Shatter. These act more like unintelligent beasts – hunting widely and nesting on cliffs in the Highlands.
no poison in this case

by Loic Canavaggia

6.aerial. Great Hawks (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
While not as big as some “great eagles”, these hawks will happily pick up small children or dogs. They also have learnt co-operative tactics and are quite intelligent. Be careful of your rations as they are known to make off with backpacks and saddle bags.

7.lurk in the water. Nixies (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
Small green-blue sprites from an elemental plane of water – they look innocent and harmless, but find the struggles of drowning and dying folk hilarious. They will often setup pranks and traps for unwary travellers, and will lure or charm any they encounter.

by Johann Egerkrans

8. dimensional: Shadows (Codex of the Black Sun)
These things often come through in the Shatter, but they don’t always stay there. While called “demons” they are more properly a sentient/stable magical nexus. These are often hunted and captured for use in alchemy and artificing by the Eld.

by Loish

9.mythology Troll (as Ogre – OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
Trolls are the grumpy old folks of the mountains. Some think they are the original form of the Eld before they turned to magic… but both species find this thought offensive. Trolls dislike noise and interruption, and prefer to be left alone with their families and livestock up in the mountains.

10 Underworld: Giant Centipede (OSE Classic Fantasy Monster)
Yes, used before šŸ˜¦
These creatures love dark, damp conditions – and are constantly hunting for the next meal.

by Sixmorevodka

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