The Wastelands – #tenmonstersetting

by Giuseppe Parisi

Back to the Wastelands. This time around in our #10monstersetting we’ve gone out into the wastes. Once again we have some strange portals and a few factions… Mainly the “magic school” up north and the “undead(?)” taking over further south. But the main feel I want is arid desolation.

I’m mainly talking about the far hexes of this map – D8, E8, F8, E9, F9, G9 – The complete desolation, and the “religious/magical” aspect of it all. Given that this whole area is supposed to be a “chunk” of a world that broke off, its starting to feel like this section was if not ground zero, then a major battle site.

The reason people would venture out here would be to explore the ruins and temples that remain out here – remnants of the pre-cataclysm – which might offer hints as to what actually happened, or at the very least some very valuable magical trinkets.

Part of the whole “desolate wastelands” should be, i feel, magically enforced. Even the Shatter has new people and creatures roaming… so why is the Wastelands different? I think the F9 hex is the source of this problem. The “cyclic threat” is an energy wave that slowly infects everything with unlife… killing most living things in a few days to weeks… and sometimes raising dead things into a form of unlife…

And i’m realising how unimaginative most undead creatures are

1.humanoid: Goatkin (as Rock Baboon – OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
These goat headed little humanoids can apparently live anywhere. They are clustered in the ravines and tunnels around d8, and manage to live off the scant vegetation and vermin in that area. They avoid going south, and stay in the caverns and ravines around hex D8. (add a “head-butt” attack on charging d8)

by Jerome Jacinto

2.undead. Sandwalkers (as Wight – OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
These were once the people of the land that became the Wasteland – and now visitors have joined their numbers. They died and have become desiccated over the many years. They retain some intelligence, but little sanity. Their bodies have become saturated with the dark energy that pervades the region – and they conduct this energy to any they touch.

by Alex Negrea

3.fey. Elf (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
Elves are unnatural. They are only found near areas of magic, and all of them can use magic without the aid of tools or scrolls. Inexperienced elves can almost pass for human – some cosmetic changes, but the elders are often barely recognisable.
These elves have gathered to study old magics, from before the cataclysm
Be warned – people who spend time with them often become elves as well. (try the Ynnian Alteration from The Gardens of Ynn)
“Elf” is just a label for a person infected with a magical parasite/disease – which allows them easier control of magic, at a cost…

by Niconoff

4.giant. Earth Elemental (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
These have come in from the Shatter. The unbound elementals seem to thrive in the wastelands – even the Sandwalkers give them wide berth – but these do seem to be more aggressive than their relatives further west.

by Yefim Kligerman

5.reptile. Dragon (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
The young beasts from the Shatter find the energy radiating in the Wastelands to be a curiosity, and often will fly through the area (despite the discouragement of their elders) Usually quite small – around the size of a horse – but sometimes larger ones will come looking.

6. Aerial. Hawk (undead) (Hawk – OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
Hunting birds still soar over the wastes, but they no longer breath or eat, really. They seek the living to cast aside the burning energy inside them
(add a touch attach – necrotic energy)

by Jared Krichevsky

7.lurker. Insect Swarm (undead) (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
no water out here… but there is sand
The sands still conceal dangers out here. These insects don’t look any different than you expect, until the dust falls when you crack them open. Much like the birds they seek out their opposite (the living) to expell their built up necrotic energy.

by David Mallon

8.dimensional Efreet (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
There are portals out here as well – the entire north of the wastelands have been inundated with energy from a plane of fire… and some inhabitants have come through. The Efreet are more interested in trade and unusual magical trinkets, and are blasé about most threats from mortals.

by Conor Burke

9.mythologic Angel (Angelic Guardian – Godbound)
The arcane energies that ravaged the Wasteland have attracted the attention of this being. It searches for the cause of the caustic energies that still now cause it so much pain. The undead are easy to puppet, but perhaps not capable of what it demands.

by Pete Morbacher

10.underworld Living Statue (OSE Classic Fantasy Monsters)
In the time before, the Makers built cities and tunnels connecting them. Now all that is left are the basements and tunnels as the surface has been blasted away. But still some of the servitors of the Makers persist in their duties to clean and maintain the darkened tunnels and mazes remaining. These beings are made of a crystal-like substance and will try to prevent damage, theft, or unauthorised access in their territory.

by Michael MacRae

Its interesting that every time I do battle with this process of picking “10 monsters” to represent a region I start to get a different picture of what the place actually is. Originally when I saw the expanse of desert I started thinking of “pseudo-egyptian” or “pseudo-1001 nights” type area… what it ended up as is something entirely different!
I think the “cyclical danger” from the Wastelands post is what made me rethink the area – something that killed living matter – but energised “motive” force.. so plants and the like are turned to dust, but many other creatures just became stranger… and having basically an “angel of death” coming in an becoming a motivating power, organising the undead to do its bidding.. This place feels more interesting now.

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