The Central Massif

I was totally looking forward to rolling up encounters for this region. A mountaintop community based on survivors at a resort, a monster infested forest surrounding it. But, what else is around? Lets see what the RNG gods give us this time around

Hex Map
  • D4
    • Atlas Forest Ruins
      • Ruined fortress inhabited by raiders(?) With some kind of dangerous “radiation”
  • D5
    • major – settlement
      • Free city (7000!)
        Lawful Geriatric Oligarchy
        trade in minerals.
        Adding some flavour from Other Dust
        Core: Hidden Subway tunnels or cross-country Maglev Bore
        TL2 (Guns & Steam)
        Tags: Sanctuary, Expert Artisans
      • Did I just roll up a dwarven city?
  • E3
    • minor – settlement
      • Average size (400)
        Led by wise-folk
        Core: mutant plant grove (hazardous to outsiders)
        t0 (stone age!)
        Tags: Pariahs, Psychic Cult
    • minor – Ancient Structure (magical shrine)
  • E4
    • minor – wandering monsters
  • E5
    • Atlas Mountain Encave
      • This is the remote resort that became a settlement. Run by robots – the people are educated, but lacking in technical know-how
    • major – settlement
      • town (900)
        Run by a lawful scholarly theocracy
        trade in food
        add spice
        Tags: Podborn, Food Supply
    • minor – special hazard – strong EM field
    • Hmmm.. I’m getting the feeling of a remote medical “resort/spa” with old high-tech facilities. But after the cataclysm the automatons kept up their job – protecting and teaching the residents…
  • E6
    • minor – wandering monsters
    • minor – special hazard (poison)
  • F4
    • major – Natural Phenomenon
      • thundering waterfall with healing properties
    • minor – semi-permanent hunting lodge
    • minor – gathering place – free trading post
    • minor – supernatural feature (dimensional gate)
    • Busy area!
  • F5
    • Atlas Lair – demon infestation
    • minor – industrial camp (mining)
    • minor – natural resource (rare minerals)

So many juicy things here – A remote civilisation of pampered, educated fools – taken care of automated carers (perhaps they took it upon themselves to “birth” new people to take care of when the previous ones died?) A deep forest full of SO MANY monsters! And even an underground city of great craftsmen.

Just so much to interact with!

Taiga by Ville Assinen

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