The Northern Shatter

Door - by Eric Basiletti

Back into the Shatter, but this northern section was concerning me. I didn’t see a whole lot of interesting possibilities looking at the Atlas Map. But, once again the Random Gods proved me wrong. At first I was rolling poorly, and nothing was coming up, but one strange combination made me re-evaluate this area totally!

I’ve also started leaning more heavily into the tags from Other Dust for the settlements.

Hex Map
Click to embiggen
  • B4
    • nothing
  • B5
    • nothing
  • B6
    • minor – settlement
      • handful of people, no governance (anarchy)
        Core: ruined starport (!!!)
        TL4 (advanced magic/tech)
        Tags:Uplifted Beastmen, Recent Settlement
      • I thought nothing of this when i rolled a random placement… till i realised there is no “sea”. So this settlement is floating in the void… WTF is this place? And a tiny, no govt but highly advanced tech? Some refugees found this place and claimed it, not understanding it completely?
  • C5
    • minor – settlement
      • Small community (few hundred), tribal governance
        Core: Defensible site w/ freshwater.
        T0 (salvagers, no production)
        Tags: Exiles, Unsteady Alliance.
      • Interesting…where are they exiled from?
  • C6
    • Atlas Cursed Earth
      • dusty soil, evil plants, undead?
    • minor – settlement
      • small community, tyrannical
        core: small town that came together after crisis
        t2 (guns & steam)
        Tags: Hunger, Cruel Tribute.
      • A wild-west town?
    • minor – wandering monsters
  • C7
    • major – tower
      Noble lord
      Protecting a crossing (wha? Here in the middle of nowhere?)
      Elemental majordomo + Humanoid guards
    • minor – supernatural feature (dimensional gate)
    • I was totally confused, until that dimensional gate showed up. I feel like this crossroads of gates. Maybe “smugglers” or other not quite “legal” groups?
  • D6
    • Atlas Valley Ruin
      • Sinister caves with cultists and berserk automatons
    • major – natural phenomenon
      • Water (spring?), magical phenomenon, wet, odd local stories
    • minor – settlement
      • average size, oligarcy (family)
        core: family estate
        t1 – blacksmithy
        Tags: Food Supply, Cruel Tribute
    • minor – special hazard (unstable ground)
    • unstable ground + water = marsh/swamp – but it has magical properties? Related to the cultists and their goings on?
  • D7
    • Major – fortress
      • Castle guarding a town.
        Mage Lord (lvl8)
        Fighter majordomo (lvl7) + Knights
      • adding some flavor
        t2 (guns & steam)
        Tags: Conquerors, Splinter Group
    • Obviously the ones in charge of the two nearby towns. Who are they a splinter group of? Maybe from the gates in c7?

This area turned from boring to what the hell in a very short time period. All of a sudden I have a companion faction to the supremacists in the South Shatter – they even have a similar modus operandi of cruel tribute!

B6 – a floating settlement

Finally, we are circling back around to the west, and climbing the central massif and the forested valley below.

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