The Southern Shatter

Mesa City by Tom Heibler

So now i’m moving into an area that looked interesting. Still making the “random setting” with the technique I outlined here

I admit that I already had some ideas of what I wanted this place to look like going into this stage. When I was making the atlas map, this area was mountains and hills – a very broken up area – with a settlement that was both a sanctuary and filled with people who wanted to conquer. Also, surrounded by enemies.

This is a society that came together from survivors after the “cataclysm” who found a safe place, and that are militantly fighting against the world to keep that place. I pictured a hidden valley, a high tech/magic Gondolin. But the combination of “sanctuary” and “supremacists” does ring some alarm bells. They do not sound like nice people, and were harassed/hated by someone else until they ran away to make this place.

So yes, I was hoping for some good rolls. Perhaps Lady Luck was smiling on me.

Hex Map
Click to embiggen
A more civilised area, but lots of conflict in the Southern Shatter.
  • F6
    • major: Fortress
      • Keep.
        Neutral Noble Lord (lvl8)
        Mage majordomo w/48 guardsmen
      • really getting a “keep on the borderlands” vibe. Guarding the path to the hidden city and overlooking the path down into the forest.The eastern border tower
    • minor: settlement
      • on the edge of the cursed ground
  • G5
    • Atlas Mesa Enclave
      • These are my hidden supremacists. A hidden valley only reachable via narrow canyons.
    • major – Ruin
      • Keep
        Ruined by Evil Magic
        Interest: Artifacts
        Big Bad – Thief w/ Bandits & Constructs
    • minor – Industrial camp – Farming
    • minor – Ancient structure – Magical Shrine (fertility?)
      • The god of the valley? Responsible for the inhabitability of the valley?
  • G6
    • minor – Contested Resource (lake of fresh water)
      • The Supremacists vs tribals or temple folk?
    • minor – crossing (Bridge over the crevasse?)
  • G7
    • …nada…
  • H5
    • major – Religious Order
      • Glebe (pop 200, 21 clergy, 18 warriors)
        lvl9 leader
        dedicated to a greater god, focused on technology (arcane?)
        secret-heretical-mainstream (outcast heretics/populists?)
    • minor – Ruins (research facility?)
  • H6
    • Atlas City Ruins
      • This has multiple factions warring over the scraps, and some powerful working ancient magic/tech
    • major – ruined Castle
      • Ruined by an angry god(s)
        Interest – restoration(it controls something?)
        Big Bad – magician w/ lots of imp minions. (warlock?)
    • minor – Battlefield w/salvage
    • yep, this is a fallen city with power and manufacturing resources!
  • H7
    • major – Ruined Temple
      • Ruined by an Angry God(s) (A lot of this going around!!)
        Interest – Search & destroy (They are up to no good?)
        big bad – dragon w/ undead & humanoids (dracolich?)
    • minor – monster lair
    • minor – wandering monsters
    • This just screams a non-human group getting up to no good… Not actually monsters, just different. Orcs, Trolls, Lizardmen?
  • I5
    • major – natural phenomenon
      • Plants – Hazardous – wet – Portal
    • minor – Sacred burial grounds
    • minor – treasure

This place is intriguing to me. The group in the protected valley and their watchtowers. The “dragon” and their undead followers to the south, and the massive brokendown city… Then there is that little outpost of religious technicians… I cant wait to get the chance to dive in and detail this place out a little more…

And cant wait to send some players through here!

The Crevice by Andreas Rocha (Also the crossing in G6)

Next, we’ll continue following the path eastwards, into the cursed Wastelands

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