The Rust Plains

Necropolis by Chris Cold

With the last region – The Drained Sea – I ended up with a tangled swampland – not a whole lot of room for ruins. More like a tangle of living things out for your blood. This time I want something more classically post-apocalyptic.

Hence – The Rust Plains.

I don’t know how much time might have passed since The Event, or even if time passes all in the same way (I love me some Dark Tower – the world has moved on) But this is a land that has not recovered. The leftovers of cities, factories, suburbs, all ground into dust and ruin. Most of the soil is oxidised metals and ground up plastic. Skeletal remains of buildings, war machines, and stranger things are half buried in the ground.

I found it interesting that my original image was of a dried up grassland, but with the random encounters that were rolled up, it developed into a war-zone – with magical gates at either end of the plains. Have I mentioned I love what random generation does to my imagination?

  • G1
    • major – natural phenomenon
      • Air – Hazardous – Cold – Portal/Gateway
      • Well, team cold-dimension guys left the door open it seems.
    • minor – Battlefield (w/ Salvage)
  • G2
    • major – Monster Lair
      • Hive-Minded, Serving, hybrid things for pets
        Feature: Rare/Magical resources
      • This just screams a bio-metal cyborg thing… Vomes (from UVG) That are doing their bit to clean up the plains…
    • minor – wandering monster – scouting
      • I guess the Vomes are wandering about, cleaning up mess. Wall-E is that you?
    • minor – battlefield (w/salvage)
  • G3
    • major – Religious Order
      • Militant Order (6 clergy, 27 knights) in a castle
        dedicated to a major god – focused on a holy war.
        a “secret cult”, but aligned with the mother religion…
      • woah… on the outskirts of ancient battleground and salvage.. this could be interesting!
    • minor – battlefield
    • minor – Natural Resources (rare mineral)
      • I think that many of the building materials are being repurposed. “Glass” weapons, wall-sheet armor etc.
  • G4
    • Atlas Lair – magic gate
    • major – Ruined City
      • Ruined by an Angry God(s)
        “Alien” majordomo w/ Hybrid and Construct minions
        Interest: artefacts/relics
    • minor – contested region (religious significance)
      • Hmm, I guess this is what the religious order of G3 is fighting… I am picturing a ruined city (skyscrapers etc) with the Magic Gate acting as a beachhead for the “Aliens”
    • minor – Fort
      • I think these guys are a border defence, guarding against the troubles of the Rust Plains
  • H3
    • major – Ruined Castle
      • Ruined by sacking
        majordomo: Fighter w/bandits and constructs
        Interest: Restoration
      • I feel like this is actually the research facility to the magic gate? But the current inhabitants don’t know what they have
    • minor – Gathering Place (tribal)
    • minor – Beacon run by nearest settlement
  • H4
    • minor – semi-permanent camp (hunters)
    • minor – sacred ground (burial)
      • I need to think about who these hunters/tribes are. Some group that scavenges and survives in the ruins?

Well. As I’ve said random generation does lead you to interesting places. I have a whole Fallout/Borderlands/Terminator vibe coming out of this… I really need to think about the factions here. We have The open gate to cold-lands surrounded by a battlefield. Then the second gate to the east which had it’s city smashed by an angry god, and the continuing fight of the paladins to.. contain(?) the threat. Then we have the hive-mind servitors cleaning up the wastelands and the tribal hunters who are bothering them.

Last, but not least, we have the watchtower closing the path east, keeping away all this trouble. Maybe they are related to the paladins… and perhaps the “tax” on the settlement in the Drained Sea.

Red Piece by Ismail Inceoglu

Next time, we’ll follow the path through the watchtowers east into the Shatter.

5 thoughts on “The Rust Plains

  1. This is wonderful, and it’s really sweet to see the vomes get an outing! With the vomes, weirdly enough, I always find myself see-sawing between “cute cyborg woodland creatures hivemind” and full on “biomech horror swarm.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I mentioned it in “a first skeleton” post. I am using Zeshio’s pixel hex (there is a link in the post).

      I really liked how there are more gradual transitions available in hexes.


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