Welcome to the Broken Lands.

Skeksis Castle by Brian Froud

So I’ve been lamenting my current lack of creativity – new baby, stuck at home a lot, and all that jazz. This lack of outlet has all my creative juices bubbling away in my head, and I’ve decided to do something about it.

Creating from nothing is always difficult. I’ve found it easier to give myself some boundaries to work with makes the task easier. “Create a monster” is more difficult than “Create a monster based on an insect” (or whatever limit you are giving yourself.) This is perhaps why random tables are so useful – they provide a nice structure to drape creativity over 🙂

Thats what I’m going to try doing – borrow a bit from here and there to create a totally random “world” to run an rpg in. Lets see how it goes!

The scrambled thoughts bouncing around in my head come from a few places:

I had a few RPG books in my hands as well:

So with all that percolating, I asked a few questions on the OSR discord and was given a heap of advise on how to move forward… and so I have!

My basic plan was to create a place called “The Broken Lands”. Long ago there was a cataclysm in a high-magical fantasy realm. It was torn apart (literally) but the shattered remnants are (somehow) still habitable. Think floating rocks in the void. There is a moon(s?), but instead of the sun there is the Veil – like a magical aurora that provides a day/night cycle as well as warmth and “life energy” for all the plants and such.

I will be following up with some more about how I generate this “Random World” and, eventually, run some sessions in the result.

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